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Strengthening Our Foundation.

The strength of the church is found in the connection of her community. We are only as strong as are intentionally connected. Without a strong foundation of connection and fellowship, the church as a whole loses her power. It is up to us to continue to strengthen the foundation by intentionally connecting to each other as we all seek to connect closer to Christ.

In 2019, we are believing to further the process of connecting and creating intentional times of fellowship. With a greater emphasis on City Groups and Team culture, we believe that we will see our church become stronger and feel more alive. We believe that doing life with each other in the context of groups and teams will spur even more opportunities of connection amongst our family. Inviting each other over on Sundays. Going to restaurants or to the movies. Going to kids graduations. Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries! This is all a part of the process of strengthening our church.

We are also going to be making a greater emphasis on our NEXTGEN ministries; Kids, Students and Young Adults. Our investment in our NextGen is necessary for not only keeping our foundation strong, but ensuring that our church continues to carry a voice in the culture for years to come.

We’re excited about the community that we have and what we have built thus far, but do not get settled in chair, God is calling us to do more…Far More.