Beyond Our Borders

God’s call on our church, i5 CITY, is definitely greater than the reach of our own cities. The surrounding areas which we serve are only but a portion of the vision that God has called us to. Pastor Jimmy, our lead pastor, continues to remind us that though we have a major impact within our communities, we have a global reach and impact.

Currently, we have a fully funded and staffed orphanage in Kenya which houses 20+ children from the area. The house in which they live has become a haven for the children there and others in close proximity. The house mother has even begun feeding other children with the land that they have cultivated. With our consistent giving and gifts we have been blessed to be a blessing on a global reach.

In 2019 and beyond, we are praying to expand our reach by developing more opportunities to serve on a global platform. With mission based trips, and partnering with other organizations on the ground, we believe that the expansion of our hearts also requires an intentional push beyond our borders. God has blessed our church with resources to help feed and bless those in need, our prayer is that we take on the heart of God and we do what is needed to partner with God in serving our family beyond the borders of the United States. We are a church with a global reach. Let’s go beyond our borders.

We are a local church, with a global impact.
— Lead Pastor, Jimmy Rollins